Accio Article!

Accio Article is a bookmarklet that re-directs links to the Florida State University Library proxy server.  This is handy if you are not logged into off-campus access and come across a link that sits behind a paywall.  Just drag the bookmark below to your browser toolbar.

Accio Article!

To use Accio Article!, click on the bookmarklet when you need to see an article through the FSU proxy.   If you have not logged in, you will be prompted to enter your FSUID and Password first.  For subsequent articles, it should recognize your credentials and take you directly to the article.

Accio Article is based on a previous version developed by M. Cameron Jones  for use with the UIUC Library system. Modified by Richard J. Urban.

Using on a mobile device

Accio Article works great on your mobile devices.  To add you your mobile browser:

  1. Select & Copy the text in the box below 
  2. Add Bookmark (using this page)
  3. Open your Bookmarks folder and select the bookmark you just created. 
  4. Edit the bookmark, replacing the URL with the copied text. 

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